Babies for Nikki, By Lynnette Bernard

 When you first learn about Nikki in Laurie’s Loves, you are given a slight input into her life where she came from an abusive relationship with not only her ex-husband but also her mother.  Her dream growing up was to have children, yet with a few choice words from her ex, she thought she would never have that dream.  

During the course of this book, Nikki does realize that she is capable of love again, and she has the two teachers that she could only dream of having.  Alex and Butler have the reputation of being the hardcore” of the wolves, yet when it comes to Nikki, they are both overly gently and protective.  

Alex and Butler teach Nikki that she can be loved for more than just her money, but more than that, Nikki teaches them that just because they are big and scary to some, they are also capable of accepting love as well.

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Babies for Nikki Excerpt!

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