Aftermath, By Joanne Clancy

The second book in the Secrets and Lies Trilogy starts out with a bang, and it ends with one as well.  The author continues with the ability to describe the events as to what is happening with such great detail, that you do not want to put it down.

In the first book, you are introduced to Kerry and Hope, two completely different women who you know are  connected yet you do not know why.  In Aftermath, you learn what it is that connects the two completely different women.

In Kerry’s story, you can feel her pain as she is learning how to walk again due to her injuries from the tsunami.  You can feel her worry as she is concerned with the welfare of her daughter and her husband.  In Hope’s story, you can feel her concerns as she is pregnant and has no clue what is going on with her husband.  Neither woman knows if their husband is alive, but they are both hoping for the best.

The twist that is in this book will catch you off guard, and it leaves you wanting for more of the story.

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