Ziang, a tentacled warrior from the planet Maz’Rar, has come to Earth to claim his most precious prize and start a new life. When an unforeseen accident results in a crash landing, his plan for a quick removal of the human Shawn lays in a twisted ruin at his feet, much like his shuttlecraft. If that isn’t enough, the FBI is sniffing around.

Confronted by the very same alien who observed him since he wished on a shooting star as a child, Shawn finds his initial inability to communicate with Ziang leads to misunderstanding and fear. Forced to hide until rescue arrives, tensions mount. Shawn learns of Ziang’s intentions of taking him as a mate. Ziang, on the other hand, is completely befuddled at Shawn’s less than stellar reaction to said taking.

As they wait, a spark ignites. Turns out humans and Maz’Rarians are very compatible—tentacles and all. Shawn falls … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Nighttime Wishes (Make a Wish Book 1) by M.A. Church #mm #teaser @nomoretears00

Hacked Up

Ethan Stone

Stone Publishing

Feb 6, 2017


Seattle is being plagued by a string of gruesome murders. For Detective Peter Tao, it’s a career-making case, but he’s struggling to find a lead. How is the killer choosing his victims? What is he trying to prove?

With a long list of suspects and nothing to connect them, Peter is more determined than ever to apprehend the murderer. Then Peter gets the one vital piece of evidence that ties everything together. Now he’ll have to look beyond the obvious to identify the killer before anyone else is murdered.

Solve the mystery in this fast-moving crime thriller by Ethan Stone.

Today I’m sharing an exclusive excerpt that focus on the serial killer case that had been closed. There’s new evidence and Detective Peter Tao is determined to get to the truth.




Saturday was officially my day off, … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Hacked Up by Ethan Stone #mm #teaser @ethanjstone

Elliot’s always been an outcast—the crazy one in the family—mocked by people and locked in psych wards more times than he can count. His life was normal until he saw the stars move.

But a person can only take so much torment, so much pain. Elliot might or might not be mentally ill. He doesn’t know. What he is sure of is that he’s had enough.

And if he thought his life was strange before, when he finds himself abducted and held in a secret government facility populated with AI’s—Artificial Intelligence beings—all the scary things he’s experienced before then can’t compare to what they want to do to him.

Karl is an artist whose only companion is his Irish wolfhound, Ian. His current work is a sheet of copper he finds himself puncturing in an erratic manner. Then one night he steps outside, and the stars move.

Elliot, Karl and … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: And The Stars Danced (A Little Something ExTra #1) by Bailey Bradford #mm @BaileyBFun4Me

The idea for Eternity came to me when I was at a writer’s conference with my mom in Nashville Tennessee, Killer Nashville specifically. Eternity is sort of a dark story and I was inspired by all the thrillers and crime books I was learning about there. I’ve always loved tragedy’s and stories that make you feel something. Jessie is kind of a jerk in the beginning, but as we follow him through the story you get to watch him grow as a character to become not so selfish as he learns how to love another person and overcome his addictions and selfish habits.


Jessie being an addict was not my original idea for the book. My initial plot was actually much different, but as I started writing the characters sort of took over for themselves, but I think that’s always the best when a story grows in its own … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Eternity by Petra Levi #mf #teaser


Miah’s always had something to prove—to himself, his family, and all the people who thought he’d fail. It doesn’t matter that he has to do it all alone, he won’t give up on his dream. On the cusp of a new beginning that could mean the difference between success and failure, he decides to finally enjoy a night out at a city bar with his roommate before he leaves for the bleak interior forever. He never expected to catch the eye of two unusual men there, but are they even human?

Sure, he knows aliens sought sanctuary from the Earth Unity Coalition, but he’s never met any before… that he knows of. After all, the aliens can take human form, so it’s impossible to know them on sight, but the mystery of their kind has always interested him. When they take matters into their own hands and decide to court … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Maze for Three ( Bonded by the Yume #1) by Alicia Nordwell #mm #teaser @AliciaNordwell

Landing the job as Elan Isle’s accountant was a good thing, or so he thought. Who knew that people actually lived the BDSM lifestyle?


Making His Stand is the 2nd novel in the Elan Isle Contemporary BDSM Romance series and is M/M. Whereas the first novel Ye Olde Kinke Faire took place in the scurry up to getting the renaissance fair up and running, this novel takes place the following spring. While writing this book I had two main characters – James Kaden-Scott, accountant, and Alec Rowland, Dom and BDSM-toy maker – a third character stepped up and became a major part of the book. Zippo the Chihuahua. He’s cute, he’s adorable, and he only has three legs – not that he lets that stop him. He was originally just supposed to be just a sideline, but Zippo had a strong personality that jumped off the page. He … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Making His Stand (Elan Isle #2) by Thianna Durston #mm #teaser @ThiannaDurston

Nathan wasn’t sure why people were so obsessed with dating and sex. Sure it probably felt good but he just couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. It might have helped if he knew what he was looking for but with so many labels and options he just wasn’t sure. It seemed so easy to everyone else, but to him, it felt like something was missing.

Gabriel thought Nathan was absolutely perfect. Sweet, funny, sexy, and completely confused about what he desired—but absolutely perfect. He wanted to help Nathan. But would his sexy roommate be open to something that was completely outside of the box or would he ruin their relationship before it even started?


Story Contains: M/m sexual content, BDSM elements, and puppy play

It felt natural. Like I’d known him forever.

I read somewhere that good roommates were supposed to be like that. The article, … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Flawed Perfection by M.A. Innes #mm #teaser #puppyplay

Life lessons end up showing Sally the way to making her friends forever.

Sally is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure her friends stay close and happy.

Using the skills that her daddy taught her and the compassion her mama showed her, Sally can do both with ease.

Knowing that her parents would be proud assured her of her decisions and her made her smile.

No matter what others may think.

I can hear them from my bedroom.

All of them.

The sheriff, Tim Mullins, Jacob, and so many other men from town.

They are running around and yelling.  Going from building to building.

What are they looking for?

Why are they in the smokehouse?

Oh, my gosh! Someone is really yelling now. 


Who are they talking about?

What did they find?

Who is crazy and insane?

Oh, my gosh!

Jessica and Henry are out … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Forever Friends by Mathilda Robins #mf #teaser


A whole different world exists beneath the surface.

The last thing Nisha expects while patrolling his territory is to find his mate, but his instincts tell him the handsome human diving into the surf is the one meant for him. Two bites and Kannon will be joined to him forever. But when Kannon’s father disrupts the mating process, Nisha releases his claim, hoping beyond hope his mate will one day return.

While free diving with his father, Kannon is bitten by a seductive merman. Although he swore to never go near the ocean again, the pull to return to the water and his mystery man remains strong. Finally, after fifteen years away, an impromptu wedding brings Kannon back to the Seychelles, and his destiny.

Kannon only plans to stay on the island for a week, but this time Nisha won’t let his mate go without a fight. Merfolk and human … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Beneath the Surface (The Deep Blue Sea Book 1) by M.A. Church #mm #teaser @nomoretears00

Mobster By Lily Harlem


Thank you for hosting my bad boy Roper Hermanus today. He’s quite a handful in and out of the bedroom. His business ventures and kinks are a big ask for your average woman but luckily, despite her youth and inexperience, Beth’s upbringing in the underworld means she’s up to the task. I hope you’ll check out their sexy story and travel with them on a wild journey of suspense and desire.


Buy from Amazon or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


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When the shit hits the fan, Beth Rammada has no choice but to get the hell out of Chicago. Her family are sinking fast and she’s at risk of being used as bait to hurt her father.


But living on the streets of New York is no walk in the park, until that is, she’s taken under … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Mobster: Romantic Suspense by Lily Harlem #mf @lily_harlem

In a city where nothing is unexpected, one meeting changes their lives forever.


A Shifter, A Vampire, and a Fae Walk Into A Bar

Humor has always found its way into my books, but with the series Rab Renroc, my characters didn’t seem to want to take themselves seriously. And the series name is right where that starts. You’re probably wondering what Rab Renroc is, right?




Everyone knows their corner bar. It’s where everyone meets. Well, at Rab Renroc things happen a bit strangely. Maybe it’s the intuitive barkeep who instinctively knows when a customer’s other-half is nearby and is known for shooting arrows when they least expect it. Maybe it’s the fact it’s frequented by the paranormal set. Maybe it’s the fact humans stumble into the bar never having seen it before and yet it’s there when they most need it. Or maybe it’s just the … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: A Shifter, A Vampire, And A Fae Walk Into A Bar by Thianna D #mf #teaser @the_weremouse

When north meets south, sparks fly.


Adrian is a student from a northern college transferring to Georgia Tech. Used to seeing snowmobiles outnumbering the cars on campus, Adrian finds himself living in a state hotter than hell and feeling completely lost in the heart of Atlanta. A chance encounter introduces him to Davis who Adrian knows is trouble, but can’t help falling for.

Davis is the picture of big man on campus and oozes with confidence, at least until he meets Adrian.  Something about Adrian has Davis’s usual charm flying out of the window and everything goes from smooth to hell as Davis tries to make Adrian his own.

Between awkward dates, second-degree burns, study sessions, and snow, the two stumble their way into a relationship neither had planned. Will Davis give up the bachelor life to take a chance at a relationship with Adrian, or will he walk … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Engineering Love by Jackie Nacht #teaser #mm

The GatheringThe world as we know it is gone.

There are no more countries, states, or cities. No more traditional government… only survivors who have created a new world made up of small colonies.It has been thirteen years since the last World War and the village of Lia Fail sits peacefully above the Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains. The settlement is making ready to host the fall Gathering. A time to remember the past as well as discover new loves, old friends, family, and fun, but just as the festivities begin, the people in Lia Fail begin to experience strange goings on they can’t explain. Unseen forces attack several guests and friends begin to distrust friends. When they receive news of a horrific massacre, they realize they must face an impending dark evil that threatens to destroy the tranquil village. 
Alia Stark, the queen of Lia Fail, must … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Lia Fail Chronicles by S.L. Dearing #mf #teaser @SLDearing

Captive Heart

A vengeful emperor conquered her country…now he’s after her heart.Julissa has only known life as a sheltered princess in Sebboy’s opulent but restrictive society, ruled over by strict parents and the righteous Prophets of her god. She is all but destined to a marriage of alliance until her brother kidnaps a foreign princess as his bride, and Julissa’s country becomes the target of the girl’s vengeful brother. Gaspar Leonnte may have a big nose and be the subject of ridicule at Julissa’s family table, but he doesn’t have any trouble conquering Sebboy.

While fleeing the city, Julissa falls into Gaspar’s hands and everything she ever knew changes. When a misunderstanding brings Julissa to his bed, the victorious emperor sees no reason not to enjoy his pretty captive for the night. Julissa should refuse him and honor her duty to her family and Prophet, but how can she fight the

[Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Captive Heart (Pride of Uttor #1) by Tali Spencer #mf #teaser @tali_spencer

Romance, what is it anyway? By Sara York


Romance Writers of America or RWA, which in no way is the definitive authority on romance, defines romance as such.


Two basic elements comprise every romance novel: a central love story and an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.


A Central Love Story: The main plot centers around individuals falling in love and struggling to make the relationship work. A writer can include as many subplots as he/she wants as long as the love story is the main focus of the novel.


An Emotionally Satisfying and Optimistic Ending: In a romance, the lovers who risk and struggle for each other and their relationship are rewarded with emotional justice and unconditional love.


Romance novels may have any tone or style, be set in any place or time, and have varying levels of sensuality—ranging from sweet to extremely … [Read More ...]

#Spotlight: Romance, what is it anyway? By Sara York @sarayork